About Us


We specialize in Authentic Mexican Seafood & Taquieria such as…

Huachinango Zarandeado

(Whole Grilled Red Snapper)
– “We split the whole Red Snapper, but remove the backbone. The two marinated sides get grilled along with the marinated backbone—making it easier for guests to enjoy the snapper, but not depriving them of the tasty nuggets around the backbone. served with its sides & bread”

Pina Rellena

(Roasted Stuffed Pineapple)
“A House Favorite we start by cutting a whole pineapple in half while we cook the shrimp, octopus & crab meat in our house cream sauce. We then add slices of green & red bell peppers, mushrooms & onions into the mix and serve it inside in the pineapple topped with mozzarella cheese hot and fresh out the oven served with sides.”

We also serve Authentic Mexican Dishes Sush as Fajitas, Carne Asadas, & we have 10 different meat choices for Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas and much more Friends Located in the New Shopping Center off of Bruce B Downs & Cross Creak.

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